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Gettysburg Museum of Haunted Objects Gettysburg Museum of Haunted Objects

Unlocking Ghostly Secrets and Haunted Artifacts at the Gettysburg Museum, PA

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Unbind Your Thrill-Seeking Side: Dive into the Most Horrific Yet Exciting Museum Tours

a person standing next to a windowAuthentic Haunted Artifacts: The Gettysburg Museum of Haunted Objects proudly houses a collection of genuine haunted artifacts, each with its own chilling story. These objects have been meticulously researched and authenticated, ensuring you are in the presence of true paranormal phenomena. From possessed dolls to ghostly photographs, prepare to encounter a diverse range of haunted objects that will leave you questioning the boundaries between the living and the spirit world.

Engaging Experience: The Gettysburg Museum of Haunted Objects offers an engaging and immersive experience. Through interactive exhibits and multimedia presentations, you can delve deeper into the history, legends, and reported paranormal phenomena associated with each artifact. The blend of historical education and paranormal exploration creates an unforgettable adventure that will captivate both skeptics and believers. Brace yourself for a thought-provoking journey into the supernatural as you explore this unique museum in the heart of Gettysburg, Pennsylvania.

Hear What Our Guests Have to Say!
★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Worth the Price!

It was a small tour but we'll worth the price. Our tour guide Dom (as he prefers to be called) was extremely knowledgeable about things in Gettysburg and the museum. Neither my husband or myself had any experiences or felt any kind of way. The definitely have some interesting pieces in the building.

– Google Reviews, Kathy H.
Highly Recommend!

Awesome experience. Our tour guide Kirsten was fantastic. She did a great job explaining the objects and experiences. She asked us if we wanted to touch an object used for amputation. She then asked if we felt anything and surprisingly the group experienced the same feeling. I won't spoil anyone's time by disclosing. Kirsten said many experience the same. Would highly recommend.

– Google Reviews, John H.
Great Experience!

Had a great experience. Cassie was our guide . And had a great time. Love the stories she told about items. Felt the electricity in object. I felt a lot oof different sensations in the whole upstairs. Seen some shadows move and smelled the perfume of the lady of the house. Cassie friendly a spiritual person this last Saturday. Thank you again. If we come to Gettysburg will Will have to visit this place again.

– Google Reviews, Larry H.

What an awesome experience! We loved our tour guide very informative. Felt very unique. Definitely had sudden temperature drops. Can't wait to go again!

– Google Reviews, Natalia F.
Really Fun!

I just came back from the 5PM tour and our tour guide was Cassie. It was a really fun experience and she did an amazing job of explaining the items. 10/10 would go back! I felt so much energy too so that’s another crazy thing. :)

– Google Reviews, Oogy Boogy Boat