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Museum of Haunted Objects Tours

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The VIP Tour includes personal and interactive options and is also customizable!

Museum of Haunted Objects Standard Guided Tour
Person 1 Hour
Child (Ages 4-9) 1 Hour
Children (Ages 3 & Under) 1 Hour
Midnight At the Museum Friday's and Saturday's from 11pm-1pm under this section - no longer is midnight to 2am.
Person 2 Hours

Uncover Gettysburg’s Eerie Past at Our Museum in Pennsylvania

Gettysburg, Pennsylvania is famously known for its ghostly activity, believed to be the residual energy of the thousands of soldiers who died during the Civil War battle that took place there in 1863. Many visitors to the area report experiencing unexplained phenomena, such as seeing apparitions, hearing ghostly voices, and feeling cold spots.

The town has become a magnet for ghost hunters, history enthusiasts, and curious travelers alike. Seeking to uncover the secrets of the past, visitors flock to the battlefields, historic sites, and museums in hopes of glimpsing the spectral remnants of the soldiers’ sacrifice. With its rich history and reputation as a paranormal hotspot, Gettysburg offers an unparalleled experience for those intrigued by the supernatural.

Whether you believe in ghosts or not, the stories and unexplained phenomena of Gettysburg add an extra layer of intrigue and mystery to this iconic town, ensuring its enduring place as a destination for those seeking a brush with the supernatural. Explore the history behind Gettysburg’s ghostly activity at the Museum of Haunted Objects!